Though Despair Like Deepest Darkness

Though despair, like deepest darkness
has descended on our land,
and discouraged hope of living
out our faith by your command,
you remind us, God, that sometimes
love seems hidden, but shines on,
offering new life to all people
like the brightness of the dawn.

God of love, our dawn in darkness,
shine with hope on our despair;
give us strength to stand for justice,
heart to speak for what is fair.
Give us grace to treat our neighbors
with both kindness and respect,
to befriend outsiders, strangers
other people may reject.

In our nation so divided,
in our world that cries for peace,
let your love shine through the darkness,
that all fears and doubts may cease.
Grant us patience, understanding,
and a will to share the light
of your love with one another,
as we seek to do what’s right.