Though Far From Native Land I Roam

Tho’ far from native land I roam,
Rocked by the rolling sea,
Yet still I love my native home,
The brave land of the free;
Tho’ winds are fair and skies are bright,
And calm the restless sea,
Yet, still by day and through the night,
I think of home and thee.

When stars pale out the eastern sky,
And dew-drops melt away,
When o’er the hills the sun mounts high,
Bright ruler of the day;
When shadows long shine in the west,
And stretch across the lea,
When beast and bird have sunk to rest,
Then think, oh, think of me.

When moonlight silvers o’er the plain
And all is hushed in peace,
When silence reigns in all the main,
And still is every breeze,
When clouds rise dark and lightnings flash
And show the threatening lea,
And o’er the surges thunders crash,
Then think, oh, think of me.