Though Far I Have Strayed From The Fold

Tho’ far I have strayed from the fold of the Lord,
Tho’ oft I have slighted His Spirit and Word,
Yet humbled, repentant, to Jesus I flee,
Knowing that His wondrous grace
Can save even me.

Wonderful love-flowing so free!
There is grace and mercy for a sinner like me.

Tho’ deeply my soul is polluted by sin,
Tho’ I am depraved and unholy within,
Yet trusting for mercy I come, Lord, to Thee,
Knowing that Thy blood has power
To save even me. [Refrain]

O Lord! I am weakest of all that may come,
But yet in Thy bosom of love there is room;
I know Thou wilt welcome a sinner like me,
Thou hast fully purchased peace
And pardon for me. [Refrain]

Receive me, my Savior, and save me from sin;
Remove all the guilt and defilement within;
I’m trusting alone for salvation in Thee,
Let Thy tender mercy fall
This moment on me. [Refrain]