Though I Am A Little Child

Tho’ I am a little child,
Wand’ring thro’ a world of woe,
Yet, I have one precious friend,
And he loves me so;
And I will not be afraid,
When life’s storm-winds fiercely blow;
He is strong, his arm will save,
For he loves me so.

In the darkest, blackest night,
I will never be afraid;
He will be close by my side
Thro’ the dreadful shade;
He will whisper sweetest words,
Yes, he’ll comfort me, I know;
Nothing then, can hurt me there,
For he loves me so.

Jesus loves me all the time,
When I’m good, when naughty, too;
When I love him, or forget,
he is always true;
Once he died to save my soul,
Died in agony and owe;
Oh, how can I grieve his heart
When he loves me so?

He will love me evermore;
oh, how much to him I owe!
All that he has done for me,
I can never know;
Lo, at last when I shall sleep
In the arms of death so low,
Safely he my soul will keep,
For he loves me so.