Though I Tread A Path Of Darkest Night

Tho’ I tread a path of darkest night,
With a groping step and slow,
Tho’ I see no light, yet my soul is bright,
For my Lord with me doth go!

I’ll go where God’s hand leadeth me,
Just where he leadeth me, just where he leadeth me!
In pastures green he feedeth me
And I’ll go with him all the way!

Tho’ the road is rough I will endure,
Tho’ I stumble God will keep;
And my soul is sure that it is secure
For the Shepherd loves his sheep. [Refrain]

Hand in hand with him, my spirit glows
With a joy supreme and deep;
Tho’ the direst foes all my way oppose,
I am safe, my Lord will keep. [Refrain]