Though I Walk The Shore That Rims The Oc

Though I walk the shore that rims the ocean,
Though I face the storm upon the sea;
In the hands of love I rest securely,
For I know my Lord will care for me.

I will trust Him in the valley of the shadow,
I will trust Him on the wild and stormy sea;
I will trust Him anywhere because He loves me,
I will trust Him thro’ eternity.

If He bids me walk within the valley
Where the darkness hides His blessed face,
He will surely keep my feet from falling,
While my soul is trusting in His grace. [Refrain]

If to lands unknown He bids me journey,
Or to lift the heavy load of care;
If I bear the cross for Him who suffered,
In His glory I shall have a share. [Refrain]

He has built a home of many mansions,
Where my longing soul at last shall rest;
When I rise complete in His perfection,
I shall join the chorus of the blest. [Refrain]