Though I Wandered From The Precepts

Tho’ I wandered from the precepts
That I learned at mother’s knee;
And in ways of shame and folly,
Oftentimes I longed to be;
God has called me in His mercy;
And redeemed me by His grace,
And my joy shall be to serve Him
Till I see my mother’s face.

I shall meet my dear old mother bye and bye,
In that bright eternal home beyond the sky;
She is with my Savior now, with a crown upon her brow,
I shall meet my dear old mother bye and bye.

Tho’ I grieved my dear Redeemer
By long years of doubt and sin,
When he knocked I would not listen,
Long refused to let Him in,
Still He tenderly received me,
When my sin I did confess,
Gave me peace that passeth knowledge;
Now my mother’s Christ I bless. [Refrain]

Tho’ His Spirit I resisted
Heeding not his loving call
Tho’ I spurned His precious cleansing,
That He freely offers all,
Yet at last in true contrition;
Down before His cross I fell,
Where I found the full salvation,
That my mother knew so well. [Refrain]