Though Im Walking On Lifes Path

Tho’ I’m walking on life’s pathway
And my way with trials beset;
Tho’ temptation come upon me,
There’s a place I ne’er forget.
When my heart is heavy-laden,
Then I fly to Jesus’ breast;
He’s the rock, for weary trav’ler,
In whose shadow, rest.

In the shadow of the rock I am resting,
I am resting ‘neath its shade each day,
In the shadow of the rock I am resting,
In the shadow of the rock I’ll stay.

There is shade along life’s pathway,
There is shelter from the glare;
There is one who knows my troubles,
Who will all my burdens share.
There is rest when I am weary,
There’s a rock to shelter me,
‘Neath the shadow I’m abiding,
There is room for thee. [Refrain]

Are you walking on life’s pathway,
‘Neath a cruel burning sun?
Looking for a place of resting,
Ere the journey’s halfway run?
Ask the Saviour to accept you,
He’s the rock where you may rest;
Come abide within the shadow,
Come to Christ, be blest. [Refrain]