Though Lifes Changing Values May Vanish

Tho’ life’s changing values may vanish away,
And things that were real become dreams;
How blessed to walk with the Lord day by day,
And know He is real as He seems.

Jesus is real to me,
Yes, Jesus is real to me;
I never will doubt Him,
Nor journey without Him,
For He is so real to me.

I never have seen Him with these eyes of mine,
But though He be hid from my sight,
I know He is with me in Spirit divine,
I life in the strength of His might.

My Saviour and Leader each moment is He,
My helper in all that I do;
Companionship with Him is blessed to me,
His friendship is faithful and true. [Refrain]

My reason the unseen can never discern,
Nor fully explain the unknown;
But precious the truths of the Spirit I learn,
When His Spirit speaks to my own. [Refrain]