Though Lifes Path Be Rough And Thorny

Tho’ life’s path be rough and thorny,
Tho’ at times the tempests roll,
Still I urge my weary footsteps
Onward to the heav’nly goal.

“Jesus only” is my watchword;
His the call to victory;
What to me tho’ others beckon?
“Jesus only” do I see.

All my hopes and all my longings,
AS the years pass swiftly by,
Are but voices leading upward;
“Jesus only” is the cry. [Refrain]

All my talents and ambitions,
To my Saviour shall belong;
And my heart is thrilled with rapture;
“Jesus only” is its song. [Refrain]

When at last the race is ended,
This my great reward shall be,
“Jesus only”-blest Redeemer-
Thro’out all eternity. [Refrain]