Though Lowly Our Lot And Rude

Tho’ lowly our lot and rude be our cot,
No raiment of purple fine we own;
We know not despair and poverty dare,
We’re heirs to a heav’nly throne.

True service we give, for others we live,
Our pledge of loyalty proudly we sing;
His banner we hail, our cause cannot fail,
We’re children of the King.

No jewels that glow are ours to bestow,
No largesse of silver bright we hold;
But freely we share His bounty most rare,
In place of a monarch’s gold. [Chorus]

No power can harm, no fears can alarm,
If ever our hopes on Him are stayed;
For vict’ry is sure we’re strong to endure
And naught makes our souls afraid. [Chorus]