Though Mighty Tyrants Without Cause Cons

Though mighty tyrants, without cause
Conspire my blood to shed,
Thy sacred word has pow’r alone
To fill my heart with dread.

And yet that word my joyful breast
With heav’nly rapture warms;
Nor conquest, nor the spoils of war,
Have such transporting charms.

Perfidious practices and lies
I utterly detest;
But to thy laws affection bear,
Too vast to be exprest.

Sev’n times a day, with grateful voice,
Thy praises I resound,
Because I find thy judgments all
With truth and justice crown’d.

Secure, substantial peace have they
Who truly love thy law;
No smiling mischief them can tempt,
Nor frowning danger awe.

For thy salvation I have hop’d,
And though so long delay’d,
With cheerful zeal and strictest care
All thy commands obey’d.

Thy testimonies I have kept,
And constantly obey’d;
Because the love I bore to them
Thy service easy made.

From strict observance of thy laws
I never yet withdrew;
Convinc’d that my most secret ways
Are open to thy view.