Though Natures Voice You Must Obey

Though nature’s voice you must obey,
Think, while your swelling griefs o’erflow,
That hand, which takes your joys away,
That sov’reign hand can heal your wo.

And while your mournful thoughts deplore
The parent gone, remov’d the friend!
With hearts resign’d,, his grace adore,
On whom your nobler hopes depend.

Does he not bid his children come
Thro’ death’s dark shades to realms of light!
Yet, when he calls them to their home
Shall fond survivors mourn their flight?

His work–here let your souls rely–
Immortal consolation gives:
Your heav’nly Father cannot die,
Th’eternal Friend forever lives.

O be that best of friends your trust;
On his almighty arm recline;
He, when your comforts sink in dust,
Can give you comforts more divine.