Though Naught Of The Roadway That Lieth

Tho’ naught of the roadway that lieth before,
I see as I journey below;
While mists from my sight hide the Saviour I love,
He goeth before me, I know.

He goeth before me, I know,
He marks out the path I must tread;
I journey with never a doubt or a fear,
He goeth before, He hath said.

Thro’ pleasant green meadows my footpath may lie,
Where sweet flowers cluster and sway;
What joy just to know He has stooped as He passed,
And planted those flow’rs by my way. [Refrain]

The road for my feet may be toilsome and rough,
And lead o’er the mountain’s wild crest;
I’ll falter not, knowing before me His feet
Each step of that pathway have pressed. [Refrain]

So whether by waters refreshing I walk,
Or thro’ the dark valley I go;
My path I may trace by His footprints so clear,
He goeth before me, I know. [Refrain]