Though Only A Line Just A Line Intervene

Tho’ only a line, just a line intervenes
Between your salvation and you,
Your soul will be lost if the line is not cross’d,
God’s Word to the sinner is true.

O won’t you step over, step over it now!
Believing His Word to be true;
Come then, at the foot of the Cross humbly bow,
And let the dear Saviour save you.

You may have gone far in the dark and the cold,
Like one in the wilderness lost;
But would you come back to the true Shepherd’s fold,
There’s only a line to be cross’d. [Refrain]

You may have been drifting the world’s stormy main,
By billow and tempest been toss’d;
But would you return to the home port again,
There’s only a line to be cross’d. [Refrain]

Has sin sown the seed of despair in your soul?
O come without money or cost!
The Saviour is waiting to say, ‘Be thou whole;’
There’s only a line to be cross’d. [Refrain]