Though Shadows Perplex Me

Tho’ shadows perplex me, and dark is my sky,
Tho’ trials may vex me, I do not ask why;
Content with the knowing that Christ is my guide,
His watchfulness showing whatever betide.

Oh, Jesus knows best, and the end He can see,
He wisely has hidden the future from me;
The meaning of all things will come by and by,
And tho’ I may wonder, I do not ask why.

Tho’ friends should deceive me, and fortune should fly,
Thou sorrows may grieve me, I do not ask why;
For oh, in its sweetness one voice I can hear,
In blessed completeness, my Saviour is near. [Refrain]

Tho’ earthly ambition nor talent have I,
Nor honored position, I do not ask why;
I know that He chooses my changes to bless,
I know that He uses the good I possess. [Refrain]

I’m saved by His merit, none other have I,
His grace I inherit, I do not ask why;
I know that He holds me as dear in His sight,
And now He enfolds me, and leads me aright. [Refrain]