Though Sinners Would Vex Me

Tho’ sinners would vex me,
And troubles perplex me,
Against inclination ah! what shall I do,
No longer a rover
My follies are over,
For one thing is needful and that I’ll pursue.

Vain pleasure’s deceitful,
Sin to me is hateful,
But more lasting pleasure I hope for to find,
This world is a bubble,
A life full of trouble,
My thoughts now fly upwards and leave all behind.

The bells are a tolling,
The wheels are a rolling
Some gallant gay fair one goes to their long home,
If dead out of Jesus,
The Lord will not save us,
And to live in glory we never can come.

O pray for conversion,
Shun foolish diversion,
Use much self-denial and take up your cross;
Dot his for a season,
And use your own reason,
And time will soon prove you’ll not be at a loss.

If time is a treasure,
There’s none for vain pleasure,
Look up to the giver with faith’s stedfast eye;
Believe on that Jesus,
Who died to save us,
For time flies apace and eternity’s nigh.

My soul starts with wonder,
To think how the thunder
Will shake all creation at the angel’s call;
Time is now no longer,
The aged and younger,
Shall hear the dread sentence for Christ’s all in all.

Behold how divided,
The judgment decided,
Poor sinners bewailing their folly in hell,
But glory to Jesus,
Believing he’ll save us,
With angels in glory his praises we’ll swell.