Though Softly Lifes Zephyrs

Tho’ softly life’s zephyrs, so gentle, so strong,
May bear me in sunshine and comfort along;
Tho’ all of my cares be as light as the foam,
The tho’ts of my heart ev’ry day are of home.

My tho’ts are of home, of the beautiful home,
The restful, the peaceful, the ever bright home;
It lures me so sweetly wherever I roam,
This image of beauty, my heavenly home.

The shadows that sometimes descend on me here
Make yonder land, bright and unclouded, more dear;
The gentle winds whisper, around and above,
Of Jesus, my friend, and the home that I love. [Refrain]

Strive not with soft music, like bells in the air,
To lure me away from the tho’ts of my pray’r;
The vision grows sweeter, dear homeland, of thee,
And friends who are waiting in glory for me. [Refrain]