Though Surrounded By Foes

Tho’ surrounded by foes,
Naught disturbs my repose,
I am resting in Jesus who died;
He hath pardoned my sin,
I have comfort within,
And will trust Him whatever betide.

By the blood of the Lamb,
A victor I am,
And earth cannot harm me when Jesus is mine;
Tho’ the billows may roll,
There is peace in my soul,
For the arm of my strength is divine.

While on Him I believe,
From His hand I receive
Blessings greater than earth can bestow;
In my sorrow or grief,
‘Tis from Him comes relief,
And my peace like a river doth flow. [Refrain]

If removed from Thy love,
Life a burden would prove
For I find all my comfort in Thee;
In Thy paths will I tread,
By Thy Spirit be lead,
Till in glory Thy face I shall see. [Refrain]