Though Tempests Of Temptation Sweep

Tho’ tempests of temptation sweep across life’s sea,
I do not fear the billows which encompass me,
My hope is like an anchor fastened safe and sure,
In ev’ry time of testing, lo, it holds secure.

My anchor holds, tho’ tides are lifting;
My anchor holds, no more I’m drifting;
It grips the rock, withstands the shock,
My anchor holds, my anchor holds.

Tho’ clouds are black with sorrow and the night is wild,
The eye of God unsleeping watches o’er His child,
My hope in Him is grounded and when He is near,
My bark shall ride the tempests in the straits of fear. [Refrain]

Tho’ storms may rage around me, in my heart is peace,
The day of hope is dawning and the storms will cease,
Although the angry billows fiercely round me roll,
I know the hand that holds them is in full control. [Refrain]