Though The Dark Shadows Falling Gather A

Tho’ the dark shadows falling, gather around our way,
Still we can hear Him calling, “I am with you alway;”
Why should we yield to sadness, with such a Friend above?
Filling the soul with gladness, folding us round with love.

In fellowship divine,
In fellowship divine,
We are walking with the King,
We are walking with the King,
His love around our path, around our path doth shine,
While to Him our grateful hearts we bring.

Ever the road grows brighter, clasping His helping hand,
Hearts that were heavy, lighter, while by His side we stand;
God’s blessed sun is shining back of the gloomy sky,
Why should there be repining when the dear Lord’s close by? [Refrain]

O what a lasting pleasure fellowship sweet doth bring,
Joy in abounding measure, walking with Christ, the King;
Only in Him abiding, all thro’ the long, long days,
Under His shadow hiding, singing His worthy praise. [Refrain]