Though The Mist Hang Hangs Oer The River

Tho’ the mist hang o’er the river,
And its billows loudly roar,
Yet we hear the song of angels,
Wafted from the other shore.

We are waiting by the river,
We are watching on the shore,-
Only waiting for the angels;
Soon they’ll come to bear us o’er.

And the bright celestial city,
We have caught such radiant gleams
Of its tow’rs, like dazzling sunlight,
With its sweet and peaceful streams. [Chorus]

He has called for many a lov’d one;
We have seen them leave our side;
With our Saviour we shall meet them,
When we too have crossed the tide. [Chorus]

When we’ve passed that vale of shadows,
With its dark and chilling tide,
In that bright celestial city
We shall evermore abide. [Chorus]

Pain nor sickness ne’er shall enter;
Grief nor woe my lot shall share;
But in that celestial center
I a crown of life shall wear. [Chorus]