Though The Pleasures Of Earth Fade Like

Tho’ the pleasures of earth fade like blossoms of spring,
Tho’ its stars disappear from the sky,
Sweeter joys will be mine in my Saviour and King,
Brighter sunbeams His grace will supply.

Wonderful joys, wonderful joys,
Yielding my all to Christ, my great Redeemer, King;
Wonderful joys, wonderful joys,
Brightening ever till the bells celestial ring.

O, His love, pure and true, evermore will abide,
And no shadow of turning will show;
Ev’ry good that I need will my Father provide,
For His mercies abuntantly flow. [Refrain]

As the glad morning rays part the curtain of night,
As they herald a happy new day,
So my Saviour has brought me the beautiful light,
And my fears, like the clouds, pass away. [Refrain]