Though The Storm Clouds Gather And The

Tho’ the storm-clouds gather and the thunders crash and roar,
Tho’ the mighty billows dash in fury o’er and o’er;
I am safely anchored to the rock that will not move,
I am sweetly resting in the harbor of God’s love.

Anchored in Jesus victory is mine
Anchored in Jesus by His love divine;
United by faith to the Rock that will not move,
I’ve anchored my soul in Jesus.

Tho’ the strain is greater than the human man can bear,
Still the anchor holdeth and my trust is centered there;
When the storm is greatest I will pray for keeping pow’r,
For my Lord is able to protect me hour by hour. [Refrain]

I can rest ‘neath darkest clouds and wait in perfect peace,
For I know that God can bid the fiercest storm to cease;
And His will is perfect for He knows just what I need,
Thro’ the night and darkness I will go where He doth lead. [Refrain]