Though Thy Mercies Oer On Me Fall

Though Thy mercies o’er me fall,
Still, my Father, I implore,
In Thy goodness and Thy love,
Grant to me one blessing more!

Give me, Lord, a loving heart,
Looking ever unto Thee,
All Thy goodness to discern,
All Thy love divine to see!

Not enough for me to have
An atoning Lord above;
Not enough for me to share,
In His great abounding love. [Refrain]

Life and hope and blessings mine,
But increase my spirit’s need;
For a humble contrite heart,
Hear me, Saviour, while I plead! [Refrain]

One more blessing grant Thy child,
One more gift of grace divine:
While I richly all things share,
Make me worthy to be Thine! [Refrain]