Though Torn And Tossed By Wind And Wave

Tho’ torn and tossed by wind and wave,
O Helmsman, on Thy love I lean;
Tho’ under me a yawning grave-
I know Thy mercies stand between.

I’ll trust in Thee; I’ll watch and pray;
When doubts assail me, Thou wilt say-
“Peace, peace, peace, be still!
Peace, peace, be still!”

Tho’ lulled on siren seas to sleep,
In dreams I see Thy shadowy form,
For love is cradled in the deep,
And bosomed on the sweeping storm. [Refrain]

Tho’ all the pow’rs of darkness hurled,
Burst round my head, I know Thy might,
And look beyond time’s changing world,
And see Thy haven thro’ the night. [Refrain]

And so my soul sails on its way;
Both storm and calm Thy love fulfill;
I hear Thy voice and I obey,
And cry unto my soul, Be still! [Refrain]