Though Troubles Great Oershadow Me

Though troubles great o’ershadow me,
Thou art my refuge strong;
My mouth shall praise Thee all the day,
Thy honor be my song.

Cast me not off when hoary age
Becomes my weary lot,
And in the days of failing strength
Do Thou forsake me not.

My foes are strong and confident,
For I to them appear
As one forsaken by his God,
With none to help me near.

My God, be Thou not far from me,
Make haste to hear my call;
Ashamed, consumed be all my foes,
Dishonored let them fall.

But I will ever hope in Thee,
My ceaseless praise is Thine;
I will declare Thy countless deeds
Of truth and grace divine.

Yea, I will tell the mighty acts
Performed by God the Lord;
Thy righteousness, and Thine alone,
With praise I will record.

For from my early youth, O God,
By Thee have I been taught,
And faithfully have I declared
The wonders Thou hast wrought.

The Psalter: with responsive readings,