Though We Have Not Touched His Hands

Tho’ we have not touch’d his hands,
Tho’ we have not press’d his side,
We may hear his sweet commands,
And adore the Crucified.

He who lived, and loved, and died,
Left a blessing wide and free
For the tempted and the tried,
Tho’ his face they cannot see.

We may reach the hand of faith,
We may touch his throbbing heart,
And be blessed of him who saith
His rich grace he will impart. [Refrain]

Tho’ we have not seen the trace
Of the cruel nails or spear,
We will see his loving face,
We may feel his presence near. [Refrain]

We may learn to know his voice,
And the path his feet have trod,
And with him of old rejoice
In our Saviour and our God [Refrain]