Though We Long In Sin Wrought Blindness

Though we long, in sin-wrought blindness,
From Thy gracious paths have strayed,
Cold to Thee and all Thy kindness,
Wilful, reckless, or afraid;
Through dim clouds that gather round us
Thou hast sought, and Thou hast found us.

Oft from Thee we veil our faces
Children-like, to cheat thine eyes;
Sin, and hope to hide the traces!
From ourselves ourselves disguise;
‘Neath the webs enwoven round us,
Thy soul-piercing glance has found us.

Sudden, ‘midst our idle hours,
O’er our sin thy thunders roll,
Death his signal waves before us,
Night and terror take the soul;
Till through double darkness round us,
Looks a star,–and Tho hast found us.

O most Merciful, most Holy,
Light Thy wanderers on their way;
Keep us ever thine, thine wholly,
Suffer us no more to stray!
Cloud and storm oft gather round us;
We were lost, but Thou hast found us.