Though Weak My Faith Im Holding On

Tho’ weak my faith, I’m holding on;
To Jesus I am clinging;
I feel that now the “Mighty One”
Help to my soul is bringing.

I’m holding on, I’m holding on,
Fresh strength each moment gaining,
My ling’ring doubts at last are gone,
And Christ within is reigning.

I’m holding on, tho’ Satan tries
To keep me from believing;
But, while my soul on God relies,
The blessing I’m receiving. [Refrain]

While holding on by faith I see
The blood of Jesus flowing;
The healing stream is touching me,
New life and peace bestowing. [Refrain]

I’m clinging, clinging, holding on,
My faith is rising higher,
The last remains of sin are gone;
I have my heart’s desire. [Refrain]

I’m holding on, and while I make
A perfect consecration,
The Holy Ghost, for Jesus’ sake,
Brings in complete salvation. [Refrain]