Though Weve No Abiding City Here

Tho’ we’ve no abiding city here,
‘Mid these changing scenes of time,
God has builded us a mansion fair,
Over in that sunlit clime.

Not made with hands,
Not made with hands,
I’ve an house not made with hands,
In those bright, celestial lands,
I’ve an house not made with hands.

Soon our earthly house shall be dissolved,
Timely things must pass away,
But that wondrous house not made with hands
Never, never shall decay. [Refrain]

There are gates of pearl and jasper walls,
There are streets of purest gold,
And no shade of darkness ever falls
In that city, we are told. [Refrain]

We shall meet at last, O precious thought!
With our battles fought and won,
In that home of peace and light and love,
When our Lord has said “well done.” [Refrain]