Three Colors Has The Nations Flag

Three colors has the nation’s flag
Our hearts delight to see,-
The Red, and White, and starry Blue,
Our pledge of liberty.

O Red, White, and Blue, our colors so true,
And emblem fair of heav’nly things, to help us on our way;
O Red, White, and Blue, the old and the new,
Our banner of gladness, we hail it today!

Red speaks to us of Jesus’ blood,
For all the whole world shed,
That we might rise to life and light,
Thro’ Him who once was dead. [Chorus]

White tells of those who, pure in heart,
Shall see the Savior’s face,
And in His likeness daily grow,
In Heaven’s holy place. [Chorus]

Blue tells us of the faithful ones
Who like the stars shall be,
Bright jewels in the Victor’s crown,
Thro’ all eternity. [Chorus]