Thrice Blest The Man Who Neer Thinks Fit

Thrice blest the man, who ne’er thinks fit
To walk as wicked men advise;
To stand in sinners way, nor sit
With those who God, and man, despise.
Whose pious soul directs his way
By sacred writ, his sweet delight,
Through all the labors of the day;
And meditates thereon by night.

As planted trees, by rivers sides,
Yield timely fruit, a vast increase;
So in fresh verdure he abides,
And God his handy work will bless.
But those that spurn at sacred laws,
Shall no such favor with him find;
For God will blast them, and their cause,
And whirl, as chaff, before the wind.

However, in the judgment day
The wicked shall not stand the light;
Mix with the righteous shall not they,
Nor any formal hypocrite.
The Lord, who now with pleasure view,
Will then applaud, the just man’s way;
But who his name and word abuse,
Shall feel his wrath, and melt away.

A New Version of the Psalms of David,