Thrice Blest The Man Whom God Forgives

Thrice blest the man, whom God forgives;
Whose sin is covered with a smile:
To whom the Lord imputes no guilt;
Whose heart is truly purged from guile.
While silent I concealed my crime,
Through anguish of my troubled breast,
My bones grew dry, and waxed old;
I roared all day, and found no rest.

Thy hand did heavy on me fall,
And day and night it’s strokes repeat;
My vital moisture dried up,
As ground is parched with summer’s heat.
I then resolved no more to hide,
But own, my sin, before the Lord;
Whose pardoning mercy soon stepped in,
And comfort, to my soul restored.

For this each godly man will pray,
In times wherein thou may’st be found;
In mighty waters raging floods,
His steadfast hopes shall ne’er be drowned.
Thou art my only hiding place,
Where I from trouble, safe abide;
With songs of thy deliverance, thou
Shalt compass me on every side.

Second Part

I’ll wholesome counsel to thee give;
And teach thee how thou may’st be wise.
Aright to order all thy walk,
I’ll guide thee with my watchful eyes.
O be not like the horse, or mule,
Which passions, and not reason, sway;
Whose mouth, with bit, and reins, compelled,
Our wills are forced to obey.

They that increase in wickedness,
Their sorrows greatly shall abound;
But him that on the Lord relies
Unnumbered mercies shall surround.
Let them be glad, in God rejoice,
Who, in his laws, their life employ;
Let all, who are upright in heart,
With sacred triumph shout for joy.