Thrones May Fall And Crumble

Thrones may fall and crumble,
Kingdoms may rise and fall,
But the throne of Immanuel
Shall flourish above them all.
He is King forever
O’er His vast domain,
Tho’ the stars may fall,
Far above them all
King Immanuel shall reign.

He shall reign,
He shall reign,
King of kings, and Lord of lords,
King of kings and Lord of lords;
He shall reign forevermore,
His reign shall extend from shore to shore.
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah!
Hallelujah, He shall reign,
Hallelujah, He shall reign,
Hallelujah, He shall reign forever and evermore,
Forevermore, forevermore.

He who bore our sorrow,
Sorrows that weighed Him down,
He who suffered upon a cross
Now wears an eternal crown.
He who was rejected,
And for sinners slain,
Ever lives to save,
Victor o’er the grave,
King Immanuel shall reign. [Refrain]