Through A World Base And Craven

Through a world base and craven,
In sorrow, not song;
Down a path rough and thorny,
We hurry along,
Through a life that is weary
With suff’ring and wrong,
Down to death comes the sinner,
But hope there is none.

Give your heart unto Jesus,
Give your heart unto Jesus,
When temptations assail you,
A friend He will be.

For a heart sad and weary,
To Jesus denied;
For a mind that is careless
What evils betide,
For a soul that is precious
But cannot decide,
The dear loving Jesus
Has bled and has died. [Refrain]

In the day of the Father,
The ransom’d shall sing;
In the dark hour of dying,
O what can you bring
To the Lord, there in heaven,
That you may go in,
To His house there abiding,
Always free from sin. [Refrain]