Through All My Life The Hand Of God Has

Thro’ all my life the hand of God has led me,
His loving care has compassed all my way;
Thro’ sunny days, or hours of dread and danger,
In his strong arms I’ve rested day by day.

O who can tell what joy awaits the faithful,
Unmeasured glory fills eternity.
We prove the past, and trust the coming future,
No word shall fail that he has promised me.

No chilling doubt has made the shadows deeper,
And, looking back, his faithfulness I see;
The passing years reveal his love and wisdom;
No word has failed that he has promised me. [Refrain]

When cruel sin assailed me with temptation,
And evil forces sough to win my soul,
In my distress I claimed his love and mercy,
The Great Physician came and made me whole. [Refrain]

There is no joy so full of holy rapture,
As that which seals a pardon full and free;
That joy the Savior grants to all who seek him;
No word has failed that he has promised me. [Refrain]