Through All The Changings Of My Life

Through all the changings of my life,
I have a constant war and strife;
Satan’s pow’r, the world and sin,
They strive without, and war within.

I daily feel their fierce attack,
Their force and scheme by which they act,
Would soon prove more than I could bear,
Was I not kept by sov’reign care.

My soul arise against these foes!
Their force and their assaults oppose;
In ev’ry combat I shall stand,
Supported by superior hand.

Jesus, my captain, prince and head,
Shall furnish me with all I need;
His grace, his promise, and his word,
Will be my helmet, shield, and sword.

With these bless’d weapons I can fight,
And put mine enemies to flight;
They shall at last be forc’d to yield
And I shall gain and keep the field.