Through Lifes Pilgrim Way

Thro’ life’s pilgrim way I’ll journey with my Savior,
In the night of care He’ll lead me to the day,
Till I enter Heaven’s portals by His favor,
Trusting, I will go with Jesus all the way.

I’ll go with Him all the way to glory,
I will go with Jesus all the way,
Till I stand within the homeland portals,
I will go with Jesus all the way.

He will never, never leave me nor forsake me;
If in Him I put my trust I shall not stray,
For He knows the path that leadeth thro’ the valley,
And with Him there’s light and glory all the way. [Refrain]

Even now I seem to hear the songs of glory,
From the souls that stand redeemed before His throne;
I rejoice, for some day I shall sing that story,
Of the Christ who brought me safely to my home. [Refrain]

When the enemies of Jesus would alarm me,
Then I cry for help to Him who is my friend,
And He always answers e’er my foes can harm me,
He who conquered death will keep me to the end. [Refrain]