Through Shades And Solitudes Profound

Through shades and solitudes profound,
The fainting traveller winds his way;
Bewildering meteors glare around,
Ad tempt his wandering feet astray.

Welcome, thrice welcome, to his eye,
The sudden moon’s inspiring light,
When forth she sallies through the sky,
The guardian angel of the night!

Thus mortals, blind and weak, below
Pursue the phantom bliss, in vain;
The world’s a wilderness of wo,
And life a pilgrimage of pain!

Beyond the narrow vale of time,
Where bright celestial ages roll,
To scenes eternal, scenes sublime,
She points the way, and leads the soul.

At her approach the grave appears
The gate of Paradise restor’d;
Her voice the watching cherub hears,
And drops his double-flaming sword.

Baptiz’d with her renewing fire,
May we the crown of glory gain:
Rise when the hosts of heaven expire,
And reign with God, for ever reign!