Through The Blood Once Shed For Me

Thro’ the blood once shed for me
On the cross of Calvary
Pardon for my sins I see;
Joy is reigning in my soul;
From me all my burdens roll;
Jesus I will e’er extol;

I am redeemed, I am redeemed,
Redeemed, redeemed;
I am redeemed, I am redeemed
By the Lamb of Calvary.

Grateful praises now I sing,
As I love’s sweet tribute bring
To the blessed Saviour King;
I am saved from sin and shame
Thro’ the pow’r of Jesus name;
Life eternal I can claim;
Hallelujah! [Refrain]

In that land of pure delight,
Where there nevermore is night,
I shall dwell in glory bright;
With my weary struggle o’er,
Fully trusting evermore,
Jesus gladly I’ll adore;
Hallelujah! [Refrain]