Through The Changing Seasons Of The Chan

Through the changing seasons
Of the changing year,
With its light and shadow,
With its hope and fear;
Through each glad fulfillment,
And each sad defeat,
We have safely journeyed,
And again we meet.

God hath kindly led us
Through this changing year,
By His guiding providence
We assemble here.

Records past and present
We may now survey,
At this pleasant milestone
In life’s onward way:
Knowledge claims new power,
Truth her might extends,
And the Master knoweth
New and loyal friends. [Refrain]

From this festal service
To our work anew,
With a quickened purpose
Hearts both strong and true:
Father, lead Thy forces,
One united band-
Ever on to conquest
‘Neath their king’s command. [Refrain]