Through The Darkness Of The Night And

Thro’ the darkness of the night, and thro’ morning’s cheery light,
Has our Father walked beside us, and has led us by the hand;
For His promises are sure and forever must endure,
And His blessed truth forever more will stand.

He has led us, so gently led us,
All along the path our feet have trod;
And we’ll trust Him day by day, as we walk the narrow way,
‘Till we reach the heav’nly mansions of our God.

For Thy tender, loving care, for deliv’rance from each snare,
For the strength that Thou hast giv’n when shadows dark o’erwhelmed our way;
We would sing our loving praise all the remnant of our days,
Close to Thee our blessed Savior we would stay.

May we love Thee more and more, till we reach the other shore,
Where we’ll join in happy songs of praise with dear ones gone before;
When thro’ endless days and years we will shed no parting tears,
But will serve with joy and gladness evermore.