Through The Gates Of Pearl And Jasper

Through the gates of pearl and jasper
To the city paved with gold,
When the ransomed host shall enter,
And their gracious Lord behold.
When they meet in blissful triumph
By the tree of life so fair
Shall we join the noble army,
And receive a welcome there?

By the grace of God we’ll meet
In the city’s golden street
Shouting, glory! hallelujah!
At the dear Redeemer’s feet.

When the harvest work is ended,
And the summer days are past,
When the reapers go rejoicing
To their bright reward at last;
When the white robed angel leads them
To the gates of joy so fair,
Shall we join their happy number?
Will they bid us welcome there? [Refrain]

Let us follow on with firmness,
Keeping ever in the way
Where our blessed Lord has taught us,
To be faithful, watch and pray;
Then, in garments pure and spotless,
By the tree of life so fair,
We shall sing through endless ages
With the countless millions there. [Refrain]