Through The Gates Of The City They Are

Thro’ the gates of the city they are passing, one by one,
The redeemed who have conquered, and whose lives have just begun;
For the Lord their Redeemer at the shining portals stands,
And appoints them their mansions in the house not made with hands.

From the soul’s happy resting,
Nevermore will they roam,
Never more will they sorrow;
They are home, gathered home.

Thro’ the gates of the city they have entered, one by one,
They who toiled for the Master, and whose harvest work is done;
They who sowed to the spirit, and have reaped a rich reward,
Come with sheaves bright and golden, singing glory to the Lord. [Refrain]

When the night falls upon us, and our vineyard work is done,
Thro’ the gates of the city may we enter, one by one;
May the Lord keep us faithful till the storms of life are past,
That we lost not the glory when the journey ends at last. [Refrain]