Through The Savior Crucified

Thro’ the Saviour, crucified,
Mercy’s door is open’d wide,
Where repentant souls may enter in;
Those who on His word believe,
Peace and pardon shall receive,
And a cleansing from the stain of sin.

Will you come, will you come?
Will you come just now?
Jesus waits to take you in,
Waits to pardon all your sin,
If in penitence you humble bow.

Tarry not outside the door,
Lest it close forevermore,
And you seek to enter it in vain;
If your conscience harder grows,
And His will you still oppose,
He may not return to you again. [Refrain]

When you meet the last of foes,
And your eyes forever close,
Will they open on a mansion fair?
Rest your faith upon the Lord,
Take Him fully at His word,
You will find abundant entrance there. [Refrain]