Through The Tumult Round Us Beating

Thru the tumult round us beating,
Overwhelming and defeating,
Often comes a vision fleeting,
Faith to increase;
Then we see, beyond us shining,
Glory of our Lord’s divining,
Clearly there His word defining,
“There shall be peace.”

All things shall surely blend
Unto the perfect end,
All to His will shall bend
Evil shall cease,
Sin shall no more hold sway,
Strife shall be driv’n away,
And on that golden day
There shall be peace.

Tho the blows of sin come crashing,
Right and wrong in strife are clashing,
With the vision’s splendor flashing,
Fear shall decrease;
Strength shall come anew to arm us,
Naught of evil then can harm us,
Naught can threaten or alarm us,
There shall be peace. [Refrain]

Keep the vision brightly glowing,
New and tireless strength bestowing,
Blessed faith forever showing
For man’s release;
Trusting that from toil and sorrow,
Coming days new joy will borrow,
On a bright and golden morrow,
There shall be peace. [Refrain]