Throughout Our Saviors Life We Trace

Throughout our Savior’s life we trace
Nothing but shame and deep disgrace
No period else was seen,
Till he a spotless victim fell,
Tasting in soul a painful hell,
Caused by the creature sin.

On the cold ground methinks I see
My Jesus kneel and pray for me;
For this I’ll him adore;
Seized with a chilly sweat throughout
Blood drops did force their passage out,
Through every opening pore.

A crown of thorns his temple bore,
His back with lashes all was tore,
Till one with bones might see!
Mocking they push’d him here and there,
Marking his way with blood and tears,
Pressed by sin’s heavy tree.

Thus up the hill he painful came,
Round him they mock and made their game,
At length his cross they rear;
And can you see the mighty God
Cry out beneath sin’s heavy load,
Without one thankful tear?

Thus veiled in humanity,
He dies with anguish on the tree!
What tongue his grief can tell?
The shuddering rocks their heads decline,
The morning sun refused to shine,
When the redeemer fell.

Shout, brethren, shout the songs diving,
He drank the gall to give us wine
To quench our parching thirst;
Seraphs advance your voices higher,
Bride of the Lamb, unite the choir,
To praise your precious Christ.

Divine Hymns, or Spiritual Songs: for the use of religious assemblies and private Christians