Throw Open Wide The Windows

Throw open wide the windows
Of souls made dark with sin,
And let the blessed sunshine
Of love and gladness in;
Drive out the gloomy shadows
That make the daytime night,
And flood the lonesome places
With pure life-giving light.

Throw open all the windows
That long have bolted been,
And let the golden glory
Of God’s sweet sunshine in.

Let’s banish, by the sunshine
God sends us from above,
The doubts and fears that darken
The pathway of His love;
Beneath its warmth and brightness
The flow’rs of hope will spring,
And birds of faith soar heav’nward,
On swift and happy wing. [Refrain]

Oh, sitting loom no longer,
God’s sunshine’s at the door,
It waits to cross the threshold,
And tarry evermore;
Fling wide the heart’s closed windows,
Swing back its doors today,
And let love’s radiant sunshine
Drive all its gloom away. [Refrain]