Throw To The Breeze The Banner

Throw to the breeze the banner
March for the Lord of hosts;
Under its blest protection,
On, to your given posts!
Forward, ye valiant soldiers
Hearts that are true and brave,
Never to shrink nor falter
While there still is a soul to save.

Raise to the breeze the ensign,
Forward, in armor bright,
Never give up the warfare
Till you conquer for truth and right!

Under the folds of crimson,
Firmly resolve to win,
Forward, to take the strongholds-
Gather the captives in!
Thousands are now in bondage
Held by their fearful chains,
Forward, to free them, soldiers,
In the name of the King who reigns! [Refrain]

Jesus, your song and watch-word,
Haste to the battle field,
Sword of the Spirit taking
Ever to boldly wield;
Clad in the gospel armor,
Strong, in your Saviour’s might,
You shall be more than victors
In the glorious cause of right. [Refrain]